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The Centre For The Living Arts is an independent, nonprofit organization, which works on behalf of the community. The group primarily specializes in event planning and focuses on decorative works of art. We plan events featuring the world’s top artists, while also hosting art and gallery exhibitions. Our previous events and our future projects may involve an enormous variety of amazing artwork from oil paintings to glass art and even wood working. Although our goal is to encourage members of the public to seek further education regarding the arts, we also hope to promote social change and the origination of new ideas.

CFTLA hopes to connect artists to those that will love and cherish their artwork within their homes. We sincerely believe art can be incredibly advantageous for promoting social change, personal growth, and encouraging new ideas. We work closely with artists, community leaders and the public to plan, develop, and host amazing events, which will benefit everyone involved.

All of the exhibitions focus on architecture and home décor suitable works, so the community can get involved and begin exploring their own creativity. All events are run, developed, and planned by volunteers, who want to inspire, motivate and encourage others to achieve self-fulfillment. CFTLA is known for hosting their events within rented spaces, in order to spend less and achieve more for the betterment of the world at large. Despite all of the complexities, our true end goal is to help independent artists increase the visibility of their works.

What We Do

We devise community events, involving various forms of arts. These annual events are designed to allow all professional and up-and-coming artists to display their talented creations. We offer art classes in varying fields that are suitable for all age groups and artistic levels. By featuring your artwork at one of our organized exhibits, you will be able to market your work and engage the community.

We know how much work is put into creating unique and detailed works, so we want to help you fulfill your endeavor. Our exhibitory theme will aid in creating group momentum, while allowing artists from all walks of life the opportunity open up about their wonderful works, pieces, and models.

Photo Gallery



Seth Rolland

Seth Rolland

Seth Rolland is one of the leading artists within the custom furniture movement. The 25-year veteran always strives to push the limits of his materials, while developing lively, fun furniture. Seth is truly a hands-on artists and does everything on his own, including meticulously selecting materials, cutting, carving, assembling, and eventually finishing the masterpiece. As someone, who has created a genre of his own, Seth has designed 3 groups of furniture design and he has teamed up with CFTLA to show off those works.


Andrea De Luigi

Andrea De Luigi

Andrea De Luigi is one of the most prominent and best known Argentinian artists in the known world. During his professional tenure, De Luigi has exhibited in a collection of countries, including England, Canada, Mexico, Canada, the United States and Argentina. She classifies her artwork as falling within the contemporary cubism category and strives to force the viewer to feel and experience something emotionally insightful, when looking at her works. Her works are bright and bold with intense colors, yet deep in contrasts and sure to leave an impression.


Rob Glebe

Rob Glebe

Rob Glebe is a one-of-a-kind artist, and we’re excited to have him as a part of CFTLA. Rob entered the art scene in January of 2006, when he began producing metal vessels. Rob has a fascination with textures and patterns and this is very evident, when examining his masterpieces. He produces an array of metal works, including wall art, tiles, pods and even metal leaves. He has also designed and developed several tables and hopes to be able to experiment with more furniture making in the near future.


Ashley Carter

Ashley Carter

Ashley Carter is an architect-turned designer, who absolutely loves graphics and textiles. Ashley is widely known for her ability to transform a home’s interior design into something truly magnificent and unique, without spending excessively. She is based out of central California and works as an Architect. Her designs have gained recognition for their simplistic nature, yet the overwhelming emotion they manage to extrude onto those that are fortunate enough to view them.

Our Mission

We strive to create an environment that will be engaging for adults, youth, and all those in between. We work diligently to encourage outsiders to get involved in creative arts, because it is the best way to nonverbally express one’s personality and opinions.

Inspiring the youth to become healthy, productive adults is our main goal. We want to develop an atmosphere, where professional and developing artists can freely explore their creative side. The ideal environment will offer a calming ambience, but filled with excitement, while encouraging everyone to get involved.

Our Vision

Formulate a central location, where the world’s best independent artists will be able to gather and acquire the acceptance, recognition and success they’ve always desired.



As an independent, nonprofit organization, we truly depend on the kindness and generosity of our friends and colleagues to help us grow and begin to reach more people. All proceeds are utilized for the upkeep, operations, management, and betterment of CFTLA and their artists. By making a donation to CFTLA, you will be playing a major part in encouraging educational innovation, bettering the public, and helping independent artists achieve their lifelong dreams. Those that wish to become a part of building stronger communities and supporting unique arts should utilize the PayPal Donation Link below. We sincerely thank you for your support, time and consideration.


Get Involved

We are currently amid planning our next exhibit. We encourage anyone that has time to spare to become a volunteer, because we could always use a helping hand. For all those inspiring artists that want to show off their artwork to the work, feel free to contact us, today.

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